Jersey Shore Review: "Damage Is Done"

Um, Mike? Do you know the definition of the word "joke?" It's meant to be something funny, not whatever you tried to pull this week on Jersey Shore.

Argh, I don't know who was more annoying here: Mike for being a scheming moron? Or Snooki for playing the "it's never my fault" game? Sorry, Snooks, I'd say you lose this round.

On "Damage Is Done," the Jersey Shore cast shows us a wee bit of why they deserve to be paid so much per episode - because they're surrounded by CRAZY at all times and forced to tolerate each other. I'm beginning to think Mike isn't nuts, he's just plain stupid, because his "who's the rat?" plan was riddled with flaws. For a group of people who should be familiar with mob movie tactics (I'm full-blooded Italian, so I can say these things), Mike certainly didn't execute his strategy very well. Read More...


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