Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 26 The Conspiracy Completely Shatters! Review

Freiza is getting Vegeta all healed up so that they can get it out of him where the remaining Dragon Balls are. What they didn't expect was a speedy recovery and because of this he escapes the healing chamber and make it seem like he escaped. Freiza and Zarbon are frantic that they may have let him escape. Little do they know, this is all Vegeta's plan to steal the Dragon Balls from Frieza. His plan works though since they both start looking around for them outside. He takes this as a chance to get to where the Dragon Balls are left and then when he's got the chance, he calls them inside. At this very moment, he blows another hole into the spaceship and then he throws all the Dragon Balls outside (since he can't carry all five). He's then able to get out the spaceship and then swims underwater to avoid any confrontations. Meanwhile Gohan is looking for the Dragon Ball that Vegeta dropped in the water. Krillin is super stoked that he's got more power taken out of him so he is speeding back to where Bulma is. As he speeds towards his destination, Vegeta senses a strong power flying by. He looks and sees Krillin with the last remaining Dragon Ball (or so he thinks) so he sees this as a great opportunity to get all of them so he starts chasing them. Zarbon is looking for him frantically since Frieza told him if he's not able to find him within the hour, he will kill him. He sees Krillin but passes him off. But then he sees Vegeta so he starts chasing him. There's a sweet flying sequence here and Krillin still doesn't know he's being followed.

Vegeta knows he's being followed but he finds this to be another great opportunity to get rid of Zarbon once and for all AND get the Dragon Ball. Krillin arrives where Bulma is then Krillin tells her about the Dragon Ball and the power Gohan needs to get as well. As they are talking, Vegeta shows up to crash the party. Then a second later, Zarbon shows up. Zarbon thinks he can beat Vegeta is he is wrong. He has to transform just to The end of Zarboncompete with him but even then, Vegeta is too strong now since Frieza and Zarbon helped the healing process of Vegeta (all Saiyans get stronger every time they have a life threatening experience). In the end, Zarbon is killed quite brutally by Vegeta. Now Krillin must face Vegeta. Gohan has already noticed something is up. What will happen next? We'll find out this coming Sunday!

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