'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Heather'

It's not Halloween yet but "The Secret Circle" is handing out treats to genre fans.

Last week's episode had a killer '80s psycho-stalker movie vibe and this week's storyline gave us demonic possession, a little taste of a haunted-ish house and (finally!) the show's first outright reference to the teen witch classic "The Craft."

"Heather," the title of the fourth episode of The CW's new supernatural series, may not be a reference to the classic Winona Ryder flick "Heathers" but the episode was otherwise chock full of nods to decades of suspenseful horror. The biggest "gotcha!" jolt of the series thus far appears in this episode along with evil snakes and a sexily unstrapped bra.

The Circle is still working to uncover the story behind the fire that killed many of their parents 16 years ago. We don't see any of the surviving parents this week, which is probably a good thing, considering most of them are up to some kind of no good.

Nick and Melissa continue to sleep together. "I guess we're on the same page," he says as he uses magic to unbutton her shirt. "Can't do magic alone, right?" The pair uses their shared spell power to get her shirt off before Nick takes matters (specifically, Melissa's bra) into his own hands. "Some things should be done without magic," he says, grinning. Read More...



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