Fringe Review: "Alone in the World"

"Alone in the World" was all about Walter and his tentative reconnection with Peter, a son he doesn't know exists. A man that nobody knows exists.

Seeing Walter so fragile was painful. Especially when he was talking to his psychiatrist, so frightened that anything he said would be used against him, sending him back to the mental hospital. It was sad that such a brilliant man was unable to entertain the possibility that he was witnessing an event. Instead, his immediate reaction was the return of his insanity.

He was getting more frustrated with the fleeting views of (and voice) of Peter and Astrid took the brunt of it, especially when she acted as a go between with Walter and Broyles in the field, since Walter wouldn't leave the lab. When Broyles asked if he had any ideas from his streaming view of the scene, Walter sarcastically suggested Bigfoot. Read More...


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