Blue Bloods Review: Who Will Pay?

When a ex-cop tried to rob a bank, Danny broke the rules as he put himself in the middle of the hostage negotiations. "Critical Condition" gave us another incidence of Danny going rogue. Has this become a theme on Blue Bloods and should he face more consequences?

Those were the questions I asked as I watched this episode. Last week Danny ran an unauthorized stake out. This week he entered a hostage situation. Granted the Captain on duty let him go, but he was suppose to leave with the wounded man.

I didn't blame Danny for going back in. He knew the man and thought he had the best chance of talking him down. Plus it would have been difficult to walk out knowing he'd be leaving another hostage behind. But Danny continues to bend or break the rules whenever he believes it necessary. At what point does that really come back to bite him? Read More...


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