Nikita Review: "Knightfall"

Nikita finally hit a new groove this week in "Knightfall" as sides have been taken and motives are much more clear. I thought Amanda was going to run a clean Division, but it seems that was easier for her to say than to do. While I didn't think Michael would be killed, I mean come on ... it's Michael, I was surprised when Amanda actually blew up the building.

As much as I love Nikita and Michael working together, I'm most intrigued by Amanda. She is in a very difficult position having to clean up Percy's messes, retrieve the black box, and continue to run Division missions. I wasn't sure what a "clean" Division would look like, but it appears that covert missions, including assassinations are part of the program. Even though, she was disgusted by what Division had become under Percy, she continued to use Ramon as a scapegoat for assassinations and was willing to sacrifice him when he failed. Read More...


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