'Fringe' recap: The Fungus Among Us

The strange story of a lonely kid and his pet disembodied brain (or was it the story of a lonely disembodied brain and his pet kid?), "Alone in the World" was a clever spin on the old 'boy and his monster' trope and made for a creative way for Walter Bishop to grapple with his Flashing Peter angst. One of the best things about the episode was Walter's constantly evolving theories about the true nature of the episode's freak of the week. At first the demented doc believed it was a mutant fungus that bred in darkness, eschewed the light, and fed on people. A viral vampire! Then he pulled out this wild idea: The organism was actually vast neural network  -- a brain. (To make this marginally easier for everyone to understand, Walter gave it a name: Gus.) Finally, the frazzled scientist realized that the mysterious mind-mold -- whatever it really was -- had forged a dangerous rapport with a sad, artsy misfit. (Are there any other kind?) But was Gus manipulating Aaron... or was Aaron manipulating Gus? Read More...



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