The Secret Circle: Night of the Demon

First and foremost, I would like to say how much I geeked out when The Secret Circle referenced The Craft in this week's episode. Much love to the writer of this episode for remembering a classic that has not been treated well in recent years. Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So if last week's episode Loner displayed just how bothersome a bounded Circle could be, "Heather" really drove that particular point home since the group has to deal with demons gunning for their heads now, literally for one unfortunate member of the coven (more on that later).

First, lets discuss mythology. The first four episodes of The Secret Circle have quickly filled in the blanks of what happened that fateful night 16 years ago. "Heather" revealed to us that not only was Cassie's mother trying to prevent the events of that night from happening, but that another entity (or unknown group of people) were also attempting to use Amelia as a tool to conjure some bad energy into the mix. So the angle of "history repeating itself" on The Secret Circle has went from just a simple fear of those traumatized by the previous coven's deaths to a cut and dry certainty. Does this mean Cassie's family line is special in some sense, given that Amelia and now Cassie are considered pawns to an endgame of mass proportions? How will the rest of the group feel about this if it's true? They are a seriously jealous bunch, I'll tell ya...


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