'Breaking Bad' season finale: Flower power


The title of "Breaking Bad's" season finale was "Face Off," without the hyphen you'd usually see if it was referring to a fight between two people.I didn't think much of the missing punctuation until about three-quarters of the way through the episode, when it suddenly became clear that the choice of "Face Off" rather than "Face-Off" was a very deliberate choice on the part of series creator Vince Gilligan, who wrote and directed the finale.Wow, on several fronts. First of all, that Walt finally managed to get a step ahead of Gus, using Gus' hatred of Hector to finally get out from under the chicken man's control. Second, that graphic, hugely surprising, title-fulfilling shot of Gus walking out of Hector's room, straightening his tie as we've seen him do who knows how many times. The thought process went something like this as the camera swung around from Gus' left side to head-on: "Come on --...



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