'Boardwalk Empire' - 'A Dangerous Maid': My two dads

A review of tonight's "Boardwalk Empire" coming up just as soon as I start picking up on people's signals... 

"How was dinner with your father?" -Angela
"Which one?" -Jimmy

"Boardwalk Empire" didn't set itself up with the same obvious family vs. Family dichotomy that fueled so much of "The Sopranos," but family relationships and feuds are still an important part of the show: Eli and Nucky's sibling rivalry, Jimmy's various unusual relationships with both blood relatives and chosen loved ones, Margaret's obligations to her late husband and her kids, etc. With "A Dangerous Maid," family comes to the forefront again - with strained relations between fathers and sons the primary, but not only, topic. 

Obviously, so much of this season is about Jimmy banding together with his biological father to destroy his surrogate father. That cold war gets very heated in the episode's climax, as Nucky confronts Jimmy in front of the Commodore, the governor and most of the other important players of Atlantic City. As I said in my review at the start of the season, Nucky in gangster mode is, by design, a much more magnetic figure than Nucky in politician mode, and seeing Nucky lose his patience, stare down his opponents and make it clear that Babette's - and, by extension, the whole city - is still his turf was extremely gratifying, and a strong moment for Steve Buscemi. (And Michael Pitt, for that matter.)  Read More...



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