Recap: 'The Amazing Race' - 'Don't Lay Down on Me Now'

Sunday (October 9) night's episode of "The Amazing Race" was an odd one, wasn't it?
Part of me is annoyed by the amount of sharing that went on at the Roadblock and the fact that I couldn't begin to explain to you exactly why the eliminated team was eliminated.
But most of me wants to celebrate an episode that was competitive throughout, where the results were in doubt until the last second, and a leg that ended with an emotional moment that I really wouldn't have predicted ahead of time.
So "Don't Lay Down on Me Now" was certainly my favorite "Amazing Race" episode so far this season, but who has time to over-analyze Sunday's installment when there's a "Breaking Bad" finale starting in 20 minutes?
Apologies, kids, but there's gonna be a rushed-through recap after the break. Priorities!

When all was said and done last week, after eight of 11 teams failed to properly identify a clue at the end of the leg and had to repeat a journey to and from an orphanage, this week's episode began with a spread of less than an hour between Snowboarders Andy & Tommy in first place and Amani & Marcus in last. That meant things were close from the beginning and in a leg in which there were no travel equalizers, things were tight at the end, which is what you want in an "Amazing Race" leg.  Read More...


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