'Homeland' - 'Grace': Garage door opener

A review of tonight's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as I have a waxing appointment…

"No one said becoming a terrorist was easy, Saul." -Carrie

The early set-up in these "Homeland" episodes means there's going to be no physical interaction between our two main characters, but "Grace" does a strong job of linking them up in other ways early and often. Not only does Carrie spend much of the episode simply watching Brody on the video feed, but the scenes are often set up in a way that draws visual connections between the two. We open with what seems like Brody's nightmare, primed for the inevitable moment where we see him sit bolt upright in bed, only it's Carrie who sits up. For a moment, it seems that she's now having nightmares about her imaginings of his time in captivity - that she's already gotten right inside his head - but then we see that Brody has just loudly woken up as well, and that she only woke up because he did. Still, the connection has been made, in the same way that we later see her curling up on her sofa to study him curled up on his. Read More...



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