'Breaking Bad' - 'Face Off': Say uncle

A review of the "Breaking Bad" season 4 finale coming up just as soon as I wait around for a plate glass guy to come... 

"Was this you? What happened?" -Skyler
"I won." -Walt

Because Vince Gilligan had a limited window of availability to discuss the finale - in an interview you can read here - I had to watch "Face Off" last Friday, before "End Times" had aired but after I had written my review. And I was sure glad on both of those fronts, because it would have been damned hard to review "End Times" without betraying what I knew about what really happened to Brock, and because I had bought into Walt's speech to Jesse about what happened to Brock, while virtually every comment on my "End Times" review is a debate between those who think Gus poisoned Brock, those who think Walt did it, and the minority who think it was just an accident. Read More...



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