‘Homeland’ Season 1, Episode 2 ‘Grace’: TV Recap

Sgt. Nick Brody is struggling to adjust to life back at home as he’s pressured to play his role as returning war hero, and Carrie gets mixed news on her obsession to find Abu Nazir.

The episode opens with Carrie in her usual spot these days, spying on the Brody family.  She sees Brody waking from a nightmare, in which he witnesses the burial of Walker, his fellow captive.  We see that nightmares are common for Brody, who, according to Jessica, grabs her arm, bruising it as he speaks Arabic; Carrie translates the words, in which Brody begs to be killed.

Jessica tries to deal with her husband’s night terrors, but notices something that concerns her more: Brody is very reluctant to go outside and face the media throng constantly parked outside the house.  As Jessica hustles Dana and Chris to school, the phone rings.  Brody answers it, instantly regrets doing so.  Another reporter wanting a piece of him.  He hangs up the phone, goes to a corner in his bedroom, where he stays for the rest of the day. Read More...



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