Dexter 6.02 "Once Upon A Time" Review

If Dexter’s premiere last week reminded us all of the fun side of serial killing, Dexter’s sixth season sophomore effort "Once Upon a Time" should serve as a display for how expertly the series can ponder big issues through small windows.

Naturally, the running theme this week arrives in the form of fairy tales, as Dexter slowly begins steering young Harrison’s burgeoning attention span away from his father’s murderous exploits, and more toward fiction.  All our characters take on a certain literary bent, with Dexter pondering his ability to become a real boy, newcomer Mos Def’s "Brother Sam" steering the wolves away from his flock of believers, and Deb herself winds up deposing Detective Batista from the throne of Lieutenant.

And yet, for all the plot threads dovetailing under the common theme by episode’s end, I found Dexter’s own words toward the beginning of "Once Upon a Time" echoing  through my head. Read More...


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