Boardwalk Empire 2.03 "A Dangerous Maid" Review

There are those who would bemoan the idea  that Boardwalk Empire pours itself at a slow pace.  Well, to them I say…you’re absolutely right.  However, like a smooth whiskey cascading down the ice, "A Dangerous Maid" will keep whetting your anticipation.

Poor Lucy Danziger (Paz de la Huerta) feels increasingly like a punching bag for Boardwalk Empire, particularly when paired with the transcendentally condesecending Nelson Van Alden (Michael Shannon), but in spite of her despair "A Dangerous Maid" finally gives Lucy a chance to shine.

Most of "A Dangerous Maid" sees the Boardwalk Empire players yearning for something in the distance just beyond their reach, whether its Lucy longing for the music across the alley, Margaret, Richard and Al Capone all longing for family relations they’ll never have, or Nucky trying to claw his way out of a deepening grave.  The only real action comes when our favorite treasurer finally snaps at the Commodore for eating the last lobster at his favorite restaurant, and boldly declared his intentions to ruin Jimmy, his father and the Governor should they keep plotting their political coup.  They’re small concessions, but Nucky, Lucy, and Margaret alike all manage to find small measures of solace from their troubles. Read More...


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