'The Good Wife' recap: The Love Hotel

It's not love, is it?

Well, Owen, it is and it isn't. Once, The Good Wife was all about the strange intimacy of work relationships, the kind that drew Will to Alicia, Alicia to Kalinda, and Kalinda to... Cary, Sophia, and probably half of Chicago. And it's always been easy to understand why those bonds are so intense. Clocking 80-hour workweeks, Lockhart Gardner lawyers spend more time with their colleagues than they do with their own families.

And yet, lately, it's easy to wonder: Is the honeymoon period over already? Cary's accusing Kalinda's of using his feelings to further her investigations. Eli and Diane are already fighting over how to best represent their clients. And no matter how much Owen jokes that her nights are hot, "steaming, sultry with a scent of jasmine, forbidden love," Alicia still insists that she's not in love with Will. Sure they're holed up in a hotel room together, but that's not as sexy as it sounds—unless you have a weird thing for spinal chord stimulators. Read More...



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