'Breaking Bad' season finale recap: The Big Bang

Once, he was a good guy who did bad things for good reasons. Then, he was a good guy who did bad things for bad reasons. Now, it's official: Walter White is just bad. Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Hello, Scarface.

Has Walt ever endangered so many innocent people in a single episode? He carries a bomb into a pediatric hospital in his baby daughter's diaper bag. He uses his next-door neighbor as bait for Gus's hired guns. He sets fire to a laundromat that's still packed full of employees. He lures his own brother-in-law out into the open, where Gus's henchmen are waiting to kill him, just so that he will realize that Hector's been inside. He straps a bomb to a frail old man inside a nursing home. (Admittedly, that particular old man isn't an innocent, but the Casa Tranquila comrades playing Bingo within range of his exploding wheelchair might be.) And then, of course, there's Brock. Looking back, Saul's advice to the kid—"Carpe diem, okay?"—feels prescient.

What kind of man kills a child just to send a message? As Gus would say: No man. No man at all. Back in "Half Measures," Gus told his dealers, "No more children." Even Scarface abides by one hard-fast rule: "No f---in' kids!"Has Jesse traded the world's most evil villain for a guy who's much worse? Walt's already dissolved at least three human beings with acid, watched a woman choke to death on her own vomit, and now this? How much more will it take before we stop rooting for the guy? Read More...



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