Pandora Hearts Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Sinless Pieced

Hello one and all, I am RenSpam, and I just recently joined up with Current Anime as the latest reviewer of all things anime (at least in terms of the now). In my forst foray of objective critique, I decided to go with the recently licensed (in manga form, at least) Pandora Hearts. Some quick details, just so I can sound all intelligent and informed (Pay no attention ot the wiki behind the curtain!)

Pandora Hearts was originally published in the Shonen focussed magazine GFantasy, starting in 2006. Since then there have been 9 full volumes published and recently Yen Press acquired the licensing for an english translation. In 2009 a tv series was given the green light and runours of a second season have been circulating, although as far as I can tell there hasn't been any confirmation.

Now, from the get go a couple things that should be mentioned about this series:

First is that while it is a Shonen series, there are some SERIOUS Shojo tropes involved here, so get ready for lots of pretty boys, extravagant costumes and thinly veiled homoeroticism! Hooray!

Second, the music is fantastic, easily understood when you see that the composer for MOST of the music is Yuki Kajiura, whose previous works include .Hack//Sign, Noir and the second and third chapters in the Xenosaga game series.

That being said, the one thing the soundtrack suffers from is that it consists of a million rehashings of pretty much onesong, although there are so many different variations you can't really notice unless you're paying attention.

Finally, a note on my synopsis style; I don't like doing play-by-play recaps, I prefer to try and tell a story and unfortunately sometimes for pacing purposes some scenes have to be cut. I don't feel TOO bad about this, as hopefully

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