Breaking Bad 4.13 Season Finale Review

Oftentimes, between seasons of a show the cast and crew will do interviews to drum up press for their newest season. They'll say things like 'you can pop in right now and be fine.' With some shows, this is true, but it's the truly great ones that you cannot possibly hop in four years after the first episode and that is the case with Breaking Bad.

It's not because there's some over-arching plot to get through either. The basic premise has remained the same throughout: an ex-teacher hooks up with a former student and together they navigate the business of manufacturing meth while trying to keep themselves and their loved ones safe in such a dangerous underworld. No, what made this finale so satisfying was this next shift in the journeys of the characters, specifically Walter himself as things reached past the breaking point with the Gus Fring situation. While Vince Gilligan's intentions toward the character of Walter White are well-known if you care to look up recent interviews with him—there are going to be viewers at home who don't know what to do with the knowledge we've been given in the final frames. That shot was more than suggestive as it was really Gilligan and the show's other creative team members pulling back the curtain on the man you've most likely desperately rooted for. Whether it was because he had a gun to his head in the middle of the desert, or couldn't dispose of his nemesis from afar last week as he waited on the roof-top for Gus to enter into his own demise voluntarily. It was their way of saying plainly: Walter White is not your hero. Read More...


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