Huge 1:4: They have a talent show!

The latest episode of Huge has a talent show where all the cast show what they got. Chloe and Amber are practicing dance routine for the talent show. They deny another girl from joining them. Then At breakfast, everyone's enjoying the meal and out of the sudden Wil runs out. Wil is missing something. We find out that it's her journal filled with her thoughts. Ian finds it and puts it the lost and found bin.

Wil is freaking out while talking with Becca. Becca and Wil go searching. Becca sneaks out of swim to go searching and get caught. She lies about it and said she is practicing baby got back for the talent show. It's quite funny. She pulls it off and continues to search. Amber and Chloe search the lost and found bin for Amber's camera. Amber claims a camera which isn't hers. Later on, she gets caught and the camera is returned to rightful person.

During the talent show, Amber and Chloe get in a fight and the act is over. Becca instead goes on stage and dances baby got back while Trent's best friend sings the song. I loved both the singing and dancing. The singing was really funny. Becca was an actually decent dancer. She should do that to lose the weight she wants to. Chloe doesn't say sad because she is hugged and makes out by Trent. I guess Trent chose the girl who likes him not that he likes more. He still likes Amber more. Alistair does a bad magic act but turns it into a decent comedy act. Stick to comedy.

Ian has a decent voice. He ends the talent show with a high with singing of a beautiful song. It was inspired by Wil's poem. Wil runs off during the song. WIl and Ian's friendship is on ice now. Wil said that Ian killed the friendship because he read a page of her journal. Not going to say it's over because next week they probably will be talking.

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