How To Make It In America Review: "In or Out"

On "In or Out," the guys made a serious decision to jeopardize their relationship with Andy on the chance they could impress a fashion forward socialite played by Gina Gershon.

If Cam and Ben didn't realize they were making a mistake at first, they should have after listening to Isaac Mizrahi, who told them about how he and his contemporaries came up together in the business from humble beginnings. Andy is like Ben, and Cam and would have been a great fit for the pair, but they are too preoccupied with taking the express train uptown.

The scene at the brunch where Ben and Cam slap fight in the kids' room was very telling of where they stand as a brand. They are more comfortable in a younger setting than downstairs with all the adults. Perhaps they should focus on a younger demographic instead of trying to fit in with a crowd that clearly is not ready to accept them. Read More...


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