Gossip Girl Mystery Solved: Who Is the Father of Blair's Baby?

Well, I didn’t see that coming.  I was kind of surprised by learning the answer to "Who is Blair’s Baby Daddy?"

This week’s episode of Gossip Girl had Blair doing everything she could to avoid reading the results of her paternity test, which she ordered in the previous episode.  Both Dorota and Dan kept pushing her to learn the truth.  Dan, in particular, wanted her to face her problems head on and told her that Louis or Chuck would be happy if either of them turned out to be the father.

In the end, the writers took an unexpected turn, at least to me.  Blair went to Chuck’s apartment to tell him that Louis is actually the father of her baby.  While Chuck appeared to be blasé about the news, it actually devastated him.  When Blair told Louis, he was overjoyed.  Despite telling a reporter that he didn’t want to be a father, he told Blair he wanted children and just didn’t want to scare her off by moving too far.

For a moment there, I believed that Blair was lying to both Chuck and Louis in an effort to hide the truth, but it looks like the information is out there now.  Unless we're to read something into the fact that Blair put the results back into her drawer desk, but I don't think so.

So there you have it, folks, the Gossip Girl mystery is solved.  Blair is having a little prince or princess with Louis and Chuck is very sad.  But at least he’s got a cute little dog to keep him company now.



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