How I Met Your Mother Review: "Field Trip"

Ah I love the smell of sheet cake in the morning and I loved the way Garrison Cootes told Marshall they were going to war in the closing moments of this week's episode. It took me awhile to warm to Martin Short's character, but around the time I realized where I had most recently heard his voice, (PBS's Cat In The Hat series), I started to also become a fan of Marshall's new boss. I just wanted to know if he had room for me in that mine shaft of his, stocked with all five seasons of Friday Night Lights on DVD. While my heart was full of love for Cootes, I had a bone to pick with Marshall after he told Garrison he could skip season two of the high school football series. In defense of Peter Berg's masterpiece, that was the year of the writers strike and episodes like "Backfire" where Street and Riggins went to Mexico should not be skipped.

Speaking of skipping, I don't think i would have signed a permission slip for anyone to go on Ted's "Field Trip." That is, not until Barney got involved of course. From calling two of Ted's students "Weird Beard" and "Bieber," to knowing Gina, the attractive blonde's name, we were treated to a scene where Barney seemed to actually possess Jedi powers of humor. Read More...


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