Castle Review: "Kick the Ballistics"

At last! Even if Jerry Tyson did not make an appearance in "Kick the Ballistics", the 3XK case has returned and I could not be more excited. So sit down, grab a cup to toast Ryan, and let’s get to it. Time to discuss the most recent installment of Castle.

Now into the fourth season, the 3XK case still remains at the top of my favorite episodes. This episode was a set up for what is sure to be an amazing episode later on this season.

The Case. Once again, Castle proved why he is not only an asset to the precinct, but has become necessary. Rick put on his game face, settled in with boxes of records, and discovered the link between Tyson and the Lee’s. Even if Castle usually comes up with crazy theories, it feels so good when he has the right answers first.

Who else instantly felt creeped out when Mr. Lee was first shown. I for one, was having flashbacks to the old Dharma videos from Lost. Marvin Candle Mr. Lee definitely knows how to make an impression. Read More...


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