'Terra Nova' Recap: Best of 'What Remains'

On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Nelson Cruz hits the first walk-off grand slam in post-season history. Oh wait ... that was the ball game that went long. 
Actually, an amnesiac virus may ruin everyone's day, so put the pine tar on your boom stick and let's get ready for this week's episode. 

Satellite Office 

It seems that Terra Nova is not the only piece of civilization 85 million years ago. There are also a few off-site medical centers. The number 3 center is run by some guy who likes playing with bugs and is eventually eaten by a Carnisaur. Elizabeth and Taylor go to the site to find out why communication has been cut off, and once there find that Bulbasaurs have eaten through the wires. Wait, they're called Ulvasaurs, my mistake. 

When the two get inside they can't find the doctor in charge but instead find the rest of the crew who think they are still in the year 2149. Taylor orders that the area be quarantined while they search for the head doc, but unless they're gutting open dinosaurs they probably won't find him.  Read More...



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