'Gossip Girl' Recap: Best of 'Jewel of Denial'

This week on Gossip Girl everyone is trying to avoid their problems except Serena, who as usual is accidentally causing more problems.

Blair is avoiding opening her paternity test results by throwing herself into various fashion adventures. Dan is avoiding dealing with the fall-out of his book by crawling into other people's problems in the guise of helpfulness. Nate is trying to avoid becoming a male prostitute again by dressing up in a business suit in an attempt to convince everyone he's not just a well-paid sex toy. And Charlie ... or should we say Ivy? She's desperately trying to avoid getting caught in her elaborate web of lies.

By episode's end, most of our favorite Upper East Siders have stopped lying to themselves. But have they stopped lying entirely? Certainly, Ivy hasn't. But what about Blair?



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