House Review: "Transplant"

So, House is a set of lungs that need to be revived.  And by House, I mean the series.  No wait, House is the patient that needs the set of lungs, as he is struggling to breathe given his inability to adapt to an episode without Wilson by his side.  Or hold on, House is Dr. Park (Charyne Yi) who just needs to confront her parents and the attending that harassed her. In tonight's episode of House, "Transplant," we see House struggle for about 30 seconds before getting his way.  And we see another fellow comment on his medical metaphors.  Do you think I'm stupid, she wonders.  I would ask the same to the creators of the series since there is basically no payoff whatsoever for House being in jail.  He hasn't changed.  He feels guilt.  He skipped a year in his middle-aged life and now Cuddy's gone.  Hilson, take 2.

This episode was quite similar to season 5's premiere, "Dying Changes Everything."  In it, Wilson is grieving the loss of Amber, his girlfriend, after House indirectly killed her.  Remember the whole bus accident thing?  When this series was still incredibly innovative?  We see Wilson walk away from a stunned House and say things like "We were never friends."  Tonight, it was "I don't like you."  I was actually getting into the idea that Wilson and House would be separated for awhile, that Wilson was finally standing up to House.  And then 20 minutes later, Wilson is punching House in the face with forgiveness.  Read More...


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