2 Broke Girls Review: There's a first-time for everything

This was one of the more likable offering of the season so far. The writers really attempted to shape the two leads into three-dimensional, fully-realized characters, and that was never more felt than in tonight's episode. It's a bit crazy that a sitcom that drops the B-word so often, and makes sexual jokes without any hesitation, can tug at my heartstrings as "And the Rich People Problems" did.

Hate it or love it, the show-runners have given both leads a helluva mouth. And not the dainty, cutesy kind of mouths that only giggles and sings sugary stuff but the kind of mouth that curses, and makes crass jokes. I mention it because I've seen feedback on how "crass" the two girls are. I admit last week's episode kind of jarred me a bit with the B-word. I think I would have forgiven those if I hadn't found the ethnic jokes puzzling, unfunny, and borderline offensive.  Read More...



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