The Lying Game Review: "Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High"

"How can you tell if someone's lying?" Well if that quote isn't the premise of this entire show, I'm not sure what is. "Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High" took us one step closer to everything we've been waiting for.

Sutton is out of jail and slumming it in Vegas. Lucky for her she has an awesome, loyal, hilarious best friend in Lexi. Lexi was so close to Emma she knew instantly that it wasn't Emma. I think Sutton was shocked at what it like to have a friend like that.

Hopefully now that Sutton has seen what Emma has been dealing with in Vegas, she'll go easy on her when they reunite. The scene when she got in Clarice's face and told her off had to be my absolute favorite Sutton scene of the whole season. She may be stuck up, but she can also stand up to someone and that's a quality I admire. Read More...


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