PARENTHOOD “Nora” Review

PARENTHOOD "Nora" Season 3 Episode 4 – The Jason Katims penned episode of Parenthood had a lot of ridiculous moments which might have bordered on insulting if seen out of the context of the show. I mean, watching Adam walk slo mo down the town dressed in 90s ghetto gear was pretty cringe worthy, and yet it was such a surreal moment for a show which is usually so grounded (and yes, in a show this grounded that counts as surrealism) that it carried its own awkward charm.

This episode was called Nora and it did indeed herald the birth of Adam and Kristina’s child, though not until Kristina and Crosby had a full smack down. I love the argument scenes in Parenthood, where, like Friday Night Lights, the style is loose enough that the actors obviously do not have to adhere strictly to the script, and it allows for a lot of weird inflections and naturalistic stutters which make the show so much more authentic. This isn’t Aaron Sorkin-esque witty banter. These are real people having real conversations in a totally made up show. Read More...


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