BODY OF PROOF “Lazarus Man” Review

BODY OF PROOF "Lazarus Man" Season 2 Episode 4 – A dead man helps solve his own murder by living through it in "Lazarus Man," this week’s Body of Proof. Hard to believe that the ME on the scene missed the fact that the victim was only mostly dead, but considering that she’s a new hire who turned her uniform into a club outfit, I’ll let it slide.

A search of the not-so-dead man’s apartment reveals that he had much neater roommate who worked for a local politician, and that roommate is eventually found dead in a pile of trash. So now there’s two victims, one who survived, leaving the detectives to wonder which man was the true target, the upstanding citizen or the slobby slacker?

Of course it’s the politico, ’cause it makes for a better story; he was killed and his roommate was almost killed, after he discovered that the new school that was built on funds from his official was also built on contaminated land. The campaign manager killed him to keep it quiet, because a seat on the local council is far more important than thousands of children’s lives. Read More...


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