90210 “Party Politics” Review

90210 "Party Politics" Season 4 Episode 5 – For an episode which had a lot of reveals…it certainly didn’t feel like much actually happened in "Party Politics," this week’s 90210. But we did get the returnof Teddy. So that’s something.

Does anyone else feel like the Liam-Boat People story came to much too neat of a conclusion? They set up all this drama…a return from the dead, a grief-fueled romance, a pregnancy…and then just when the plot seemed to be picking up steam…it was over. All it took was one fist fight between Liam and his not-so-dead summer friend and a near-miscarriage for everything to be forgiven.

I just feel like there’s got to be more going on with all of that. Does Jane have to give the life insurance money back now? Or will she and her hubby skip town with it? Did they plan this all along? Give me something, anything! Just please don’t put Liam and Adrianna together. I beg of you, 90210. Just don’t. Read More...



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