SONS OF ANARCHY “With an X” Review

SONS OF ANARCHY "With an X" Season 4 Episode 6 - Last episode left Juice with a dilemma – would he own up to taking the brick of coke or would he let someone else take the blame? He reluctantly did the latter, leading to the first SAMCRO member death of the fourth season.

After ruling out Juice and the Mayan, suspicion of the theft landed on Miles and the prospects. It didn’t take long for Miles to be ruled out either, and he even took part in a ruse to try and get the prospects to talk. But after everything – including leaving them to kill each other, and Russian roulette – they remained adamant that they were innocent. With time counting down before Romero’s arrival to collect the coke, Juice asked for the guys to give them one last chance to own up and put the brick back.

This was, of course, to give himself time to retrieve the brick and put it back, hopefully without the prospects being harmed. But Miles spotted him and in the tussle that followed Juice was shot in the leg – and Miles was killed. Thoroughly. Or as Happy said, in what is my favourite line of the episode, ‘He’s very dead’. Read More...


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