'Lying Game' Recap: 'Sex, Lies And Hard Knocks High'

Viva Las Vegas! Finally, after weeks of impersonating Emma, Sutton got a real taste of what her twin's life was like in Nevada...bohemian buds, neglectful foster mothers and high-stakes poker, all included!

As you'll recall from last week "Lying Game," Emma's BFF Lexie picked Sutton up outside of juvie, and seeing as she had no place else to go, was offered a crash pad at Lexie's. It wasn't long, however, until crazy Clarice tracked her down, and told her off for ruining her foster-parent racket (she clearly wasn't in it for the love of the kids). But this being strong-willed Sutton and not amiable Emma, Sutton threw the accusations back in her face, leaving Clarice dumbfounded (and me cheering!).

Sutton continued to make waves in Emma's life when she headed to her high school, sparking a flirtation with a very cute boy named Calvin. He even invited Sutton and Clarice to a casino night at his dad's hotel. More on that to come. Read More....



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