Castle 4.04 "Kick The Ballistics" Review

I think it’s safe to say that "Kick the Ballistics" was a really intense episode, right? I had been really looking forward to this episode since it would bring back the 3XK storyline. While we didn’t get a resolution for this case and didn’t even see the infamous Triple Killer, I was actually really pleased with how this episode was handled. You all know how the continuity (or lack thereof) on Castle really bothers me. I may not be satisfied with how they handled it throughout the last season, but it is great when they pick up those loose threads that were left hanging several episodes back. I loved how they showed how the fact that Jerry Tyson had one upped Ryan really affected the detective and that was beautifully portrayed by Seamus Dever.

Even though I still think they could have handled the fallout of the 3XK episode back in early season 3 better, The Powers That Be did a wonderful job with "Kick the Ballistics". In fact, that was probably the most Castleless Castle episode to date and you know what? As much as I love Nathan Fillion and think he is awesome, pushing him to the backburner – sort of – actually worked. Read More...


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