Miley wasn't signed up for senior year on Hannah Montana

In Hannah Montana's latest episode "Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office,"Miley missed her first day of senior year. When Miley went to get her class schedule, they said she wasn't enrolled. She dialed for her daddy. You know that was coming. Miley's dad or Billy Ray and Miley went to the Principal's office to have a chat.

We find out that Miley's dad forgot to mail in Miley's registration form. Principal said that Miley would have to wait until next semester to enroll. She would miss out on half of her senior year. That bites. No luck to change his mind. Principal loves his rules.Miley calls the president to put in a favor for her. He doesn't answer but she leaves a message.

She then dresses like Hannah Montana to get enrolled into her high school. Principal's a huge fun of Hannah so he brakes the rulers for Hannah. High school is a nightmare for her because she wants to be treated like a normal girl. Everyone followers her and is around her all the time. Well, she is celebrity. You can't blame the students to want to be near her.

Hannah doesn't return to school and Miley has an inspiration to a new song. Song wanting to be treated like a normal girl. Its actually pretty good. You think all is lost until the president of the United States saves the day. He puts a word in for her. he also is a man of many secrets including Miley's secret of Hannah Montana and Miley's dad late night snack on pie.

I wish they had a better voice over for the president. It barely sounds like him. They should of tried making it more believable. It was a cute episode but I knew that it was going to have a happy ending.

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