'Sons of Anarchy' - 'With an X': The blame game

A review of tonight's "Sons of Anarchy" coming up just as soon as I recommend getting knocked up and kidnapped... 

"It's not about Opie. It's about... this." -Tara
I didn't love last week's episode, which delved into important pieces of the series' backstory, but in a way that never really engaged me. Knowing that Clay ordered John Teller's murder is a huge piece of his character, his relationship with Jax and Gemma, the show's history, etc., but even as he and Wayne were talking about what they might have to do to Tara, that story somehow felt like it was about facts with minimal relevance to the present-day events that the series depicts. 

"With an X," on the other hand, did a much stronger job in connecting the past to the present, whether with familiar bits of history like JT's murder and Jax's fling with Ima, or with something like the subplot with Tig's daughter, whom we'd never met before. (I think his various kids have been mentioned in passing, but that's about it.) Whatever reasons Clay had for killing JT, and whatever role Wayne played in it(*) aren't that important at the moment; what is is that Clay has now decided to have Tara taken out, while Wayne has decidedly to covertly take action against him by alerting first Roosevelt, then Tara herself, that someone wants her dead. That's a vital, scary, exciting story in the here and now, and a number of those scenes sent chills down my spine. Good stuff. Read More...



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