'Parenthood' - 'Nora': All apologies

A review of tonight's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I go untucked... 

NBC sent "Nora" out in advance (which is why the review's going up now as opposed to sometime tomorrow morning). Where cable channels tend to send out most, if not all, episodes of their scripted series in advance, the broadcast networks only do it on occasion outside of season premieres, usually for an episode that's special in some way, whether because of a big guest star, a major plot development, or simply quality so high that the critics will rave about it. 

"Nora" had a notable guest star in John Corbett, but he was reprising a role he played several times last year. It had a couple of big plot developments, in the birth of Adam and Kristina's baby - and people do love childbirth episodes - and Zoe agreeing to let Julia have her baby (since she's not using it). It wasn't, however, what I would call an extraordinary episode of "Parenthood." It's very good - better than that in spots - but I'd easily put last week's "Clear Skies from Here On Out" ahead of it, for instance. Some parts worked extremely well, and other parts didn't - in other words, it was an episode of "Parenthood." Read More...



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