Parenthood 3.05 "Nora" Review

"Even when he's not great, he's still family."

Even though Sarah Braverman was referring to the re-emergence of her alcoholic ex-husband with this quote, she could have also been referring to Parenthood as a whole. The NBC family drama is often very, very good and sometimes great, but even when the show doesn't hit the highest of highs, these are people you enjoy spending time with. Just as there's always a kernel or two of goodness in every batch of family gatherings, no matter how high the dysfunction meter is turned up, every episode of Parenthood contains little moments and big emotion that make the series an extremely worthwhile time investment.

Luckily, the season's fifth episode, "Nora", was a whole lot of the good stuff with very little bad, as the show got to showcase why it's been so buzzed about online. For one, Adam Braverman has proven to be the show's most reliable source of comedy. I don't know if it's where he's normally so surly and barely keeping his anger covered, thus seeing him in an uncomfortable/silly situation has that much more impact, but some of the biggest laughs in the series have come from Adam and "Nora" was no different. I fully bought the fact that he got insecure about his "cool factor" and overcompensated by visiting the Haus of Eminem circa 2003, though I'm doubting that Slim Shady was big on bulldog chains in his day. Adam's pretty accepting of his role as a "square", but he's never been that comfortable in new situations and he's such a perfectionist that his new ensemble made total sense. I especially loved the little strut he had walking down the street; Adam may be responsible for some of the show's more histrionic tendencies, but it's stuff like this (and the episode he got high) that keep the character down-to-earth and adorably dorky. Read More...


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