'Ringer' recap: Burn Notice

An early holiday gift for the writing staff ofRinger might be a Thesaurus. If you were playing a drinking game tonight and drank every time you heard the word "whore," you’d be as tanked as Juliet by the first five minutes (a close second would be imbibing every time you heard "bitch"). While I was thrilled to not hear "Shiv" as much, the use of "whore" got a lil out of control. Now I loved it last week when Gemma said the immortal line, "That’s for sleeping with my husband you whore!" But it just became down right brutes after a while.

Still, the opening moments of Bridget arriving home and seeing a giant "WHORE" painted on Siobhan’s wall-sized photo cracked me up. Funnier still was the fact that THEY KEPT THAT PHOTO UP! Wouldn’t you immediately take it down? It literally stayed up the entire episode. At least grab a tarp from Tarpland aka the loft and cover that stuff up. I can’t take 17 more episodes without a ginormous wall sized photos of Siobhan. It’s my reasons for recapping. Read More...



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