'NCIS' Recap: 'Enemy on the Hill'

This week on NCIS there's an investigation into a crime by the team. But the more important investigation belongs to Abby. This week's episode changes her life forever. 

Good Deed, Not So Good Reactions 

Good news! Abby's a match for an 18 year-old kid who needs a kidney transplant. There's no question that she's going to do it. Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee aren't so gung ho about it, while Ziva thinks it's noble. I tend to side with Ziva. People who literally give themselves to other people are a special kind of selfless. The boys just don't understand. 

O Brother, Where Art Thou? 

Abby returns from her meeting with the transplant coordinator in decidedly somber spirits. There's another person who was a donor match for the kidney. Awesome, right? Except that according to the standard DNA tests they ran, the other match is a relative of Abby's. She has a long-lost brother. What a way to get that kind of news! One minute you think you're going to do this wonderful thing for another person. The next, your life is turned upside down. That seems rather unfair. 

Ms. Sciuto is so distracted at work that Gibbs assigns McGee to find info on Abby's brother. Abby's only link to her family is an aunt with dementia who thinks Abby's still a cheerleader (which I would love to see pictures of). McGee comes through in record time, and Abby has to decide what to do next. Should she meet her brother, Kyle?  Read More...



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