Sons of Anarchy 4.06 'With an X' Review

This season of Sons of Anarchy set up a plot-line that's only just now starting to really pay off the way it should. Following the excellent season opener, the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy hit a bit of a lull. You could call it a slow-burn, but there's a difference between building and meandering. For a few episodes this year it was more like meandering, but now here we are in one of the best episodes of the season. Almost every member of SAMCRO had screen-time in this outing which was very much appreciated compared to some recent episodes. Juice's woes toward unwillingly betraying the club continue to grow while he's forced to watch Miles and a couple of prospects take the potential blame for last week's missing kilo of coke. Not to mention we had the return of crazy porn star Ima, Piney flattening Opie for betraying he and Lyla's marriage, and Clay setting up a hit on a main character that's been a long time in the making.

The biggest shock (?) of the episode would be how the Juice situation with the missing brick was resolved. I think pretty much everyone expected for there to be some sort of bloodshed, but it was all just a matter of who it was going to be. Gotta give Juice credit for at least trying to get the brick back before anyone paid for his actions—doubt anyone would really miss Miles like they would Juice in the first place though. The drama at the warehouse afforded Theo Rossi a great scene with Tommy Flanagan about the necessity of always abiding by club law even when it doesn’t always fit your own personal ideals. Read More...


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