Ringer Review: What Did Henry Do?

Wow! I seem to say that a lot after watching Ringer.

With a title like "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch," though, I knew the episode would be good -  but I never expected the ending and that's what makes this show so much fun.

What did Henry do?!? When Andrew showed up at his door and Henry had that wild look in his eyes, you knew something was horribly wrong.

This show did such a great job of maintaining the mystery. There was obviously a fight. A bad one. Broken glass on the floor and blood on the wall said nothing good happened here. But where was Gemma? We didn't see her body. Is she dead or alive?

But let's rewind to the beginning. None of the characters on Ringer are saints, that's for sure. That's also increasingly entertaining.

Gemma found out Henry had an affair with Siobhan. That would be shocking enough, but then to find out Siobhan isn't Siobhan? That would send anyone's head spinning. Instead of coming clean with everyone and exposing Bridget, she decided to blackmail her instead.

Gemma was hurt and angry. That video of Henry and Siobhan clinking champagne glasses behind their spouses backs would have infuriated me, too. She's been betrayed by her husband and best friend but forcing Bridget to sleep with Henry was a little sickening. Read More...



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