Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 39 Review: Daydream

With Scar having taken hostage of Winry, Ed stops Kimblee from using his alchemy long enough for the two to escape. This entire plan goes back to earlier when Ed and company still had Scar restrained. Winry had actually wrapped up Scar's injured arm, but she refused to forgive him, and Ed had felt even less kind. Scar had then learned about Miles goal to change people's perceptions of the Ishbal people, and Scar was glad that there was someone like him. Fortunately for Scar, Marcoh and May Chang had come and told Miles about their need of him to decipher the research documents. Miles had decided on hiding everyone at Briggs, and Scar had agreed to cooperate. There had also been the matter of Kimblee's two Chimera soldiers, and Al had convinced them that they wanted to live and return to their original bodies. As for Winry, in order to keep Kimblee from being suspicious, she had come up with the idea of having Scar kidnap her. Ed and Al had opposed this, but Winry told them not to take everything upon just themselves, and they had no choice but to go along with it. Winry had also given Ed her earrings to hold onto until they met back up.

The plan had thus been put into place, and Marcoh's group had made their way through the tunnels. While they're walking, Marcoh and Winry talking about her parents reminds Scar of what the elder and his own brother had said about severing the chain of hatred. When they make a brief stop, May Chang brings up her conflicted feelings about the Philosopher's Stone given what the materials for it are. Marcoh, however, thinks that the research documents could give her an answer. Unbeknownst to them, a complication is emerging. Miles learns that Olivier has been called to Central and has been replaced by one of King Bradley's men. The only way to let Marcoh's group know is to send someone after them, but the blizzard makes it impossible for a regular person. Fortunately, Al is unaffected by the cold, so he goes alone on foot. Shortly after he sets out though, he sees a vision of his body in front of the Gate beckoning to him. The vision ends almost as quickly as it begins, and Al realizes that his body is pulling at his soul. He gets a hold of himself though and continues to move forward. Meanwhile, under Central, Father puts four pieces in place representing Al, Ed, Hohenheim, and Izumi, and he needs one more.

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