RINGER Recap: ‘A Whole New Kind of Bitch’

Where do I begin with this week’s episode? And DON’T read past this point if you haven’t seen this week’s RINGER, or I’ll tell everyone who you really are…

Well, I’ll start with the obvious: Jason Dohring still hasn’t shown up. Ridiculous.

Okay, I’ll follow that up with the second-most scandalous part of the night: Gemma may be dead!

It’s as if all of my wildest dreams are coming true. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This week begins with Bridget trying to get a hold of Gemma, who quickly left the Hamptons after bitch-slapping Bridget and learning who Bridget really is. We see a flashback to that night, which shows that, of course, Gemma doesn’t believe Bridget. I should’ve known that such a lame resolution like this would happen within the first five minutes.

Andrew and Bridget arrive home, where they see "WHORE" written on Siobhan’s huge picture of — what else? — herself. This would’ve been the perfect excuse to get rid of the thing, but that unfortunately doesn’t happen (more on that later). Read More...



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May 18, 2015 5:08PM EDT

♥ I'm excited for Jason Dohring! He plays the teacher Mr. Carpenter at the public school Juliet has to go to. Since were were just told that she's going to public school instead of rehab we should most likely see him next week :) :)

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