Emily VanCamp teases 'Revenge' twists and love triangle trouble on the way


Watching ABC's new Wednesday night drama "Revenge" feels like eating dark chocolate or drinking a particularly expensive bottle of wine: it's just decadent. Romance, intrigue, mystery, betrayal -- it's less like a television show and more like the kind of beach vacation novel you tear through in half a day, and then read over again, when there's sand in the spine and the pages are warped from salt water.Tonight's episode features Emily (Emily VanCamp) exacting a plan that she's been working on for over a year. She's been seeing Dr. Banks, therapist to the rich and awful, for that long -- but as it turns out, Dr. Banks is also the completely despicable court-appointed child psychologist who had her institutionalized as a child. We'll see some disturbing flashbacks to Emily's childhood after her father was locked up, which give us some much-needed insight into her current state of mind. "I think that it's so necessary...



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