'Survivor: South Pacific': Nice to meat you


Tonight on "Survivor: South Pacific," we have one of those disgusting (and by "disgusting," we mean "awesome") challenges where the contestants have to gnaw on a pig carcass and spit what they can onto a scale. Excellent.Post-TribalStacey and Christine bond at Redemption Island. Stacey is pretty mad about being voted off and she should be - she was NOT the weakest person on that tribe. She is completely ready to jump ship should she get to go back into the game.Meanwhile, Brandon is hurt because everybody hates that he's a Hantz. I'm with him on this one - he's a weird little dude, but it's terrible to hate someone because of who their uncle is. That's silly.Redemption IslandAlbert/Mikayla go for Upolu, Dawn/Whitney go for Savaii. Christine and Stacey spill some beans about their dysfunctional tribe. They also keep calling Coach by his real name, "Benjamin." Heh. Albert mis-uses the expression "sour grapes," which is a...



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