'America's Next Top Model': La Toya Jackson and the Kardashians?!


We start things off Wednesday (Oct. 12) on "America's Next Top Model" with Bre and Lisa talking about how they need to step it up and how they're in danger, which leads me to predict they are the Bottom 2 tonight. Meanwhile, Bianca is all mopey and Dominique rightly points out you can never be above an opportunity, which is true. A lot of the evicted models have been telling us in interviews that they were pitched something totally different for all-stars than what it turned out to be. But it's still face time on TV and a chance for something.Now there is phone drama about calling their families. Shannon has a good idea about drawing spots for time and Bianca gets last. She has a problem with it, but she's not confrontational about it, but Shannon the "quiet Christian" kind of loses it. I don't love Bianca, but I'm with her on this one....



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