'American Horror Story': Will you keep tuning in for the scares?


"American Horror Story" seemed to really ramp up the scares for its second episode. What did you think?We thought the first episode was weird and creepy and had some scares, but episode two really took on the feel of a horror movie, at least at the Murder Manse. Three people, including Cassie from "Buffy" Season 7, break in to the house to re-enact a crime from 1968. They tie up Vivien and Violet and it gets super scary, with Tate coming to their rescue. And weirdly, Constance, Moira and Tate cleaning up the aftermath - we already knew Constance and Moira go way back, but how is Tate connected? Can't wait to find out. We suspect he might be Constance's "one good child" she told Vivien about.Meanwhile, Ben is off in Boston helping Hayden, the student he had an affair with, have an abortion.In a couple other weird storylines, Violet is now kind of friends...



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